Janos Kujbus
Oil on Canvas
229 x 133 cm x 1cm (unframed)
Copyright The Artist

About the artwork

Life is a constant movement, life is a dynamic, life is the perception of things around us and their transformation … We should look at our own life and the life around us, what surrounds us, with open eyes. We should improve our body and our soul. Sound A sound mind in a sound body ’is a famous quotation by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales Miletus. Demonstrating the close links between physical exercise, mental equilibrium and the ability to enjoy life. Training day is part of this process. It will improve and strengthen our body. Just as the paintings and sculptures in the background are perfected and beautified our soul. A young man in green is an example of what we shouldn’t be. We should not be shrouded, we should not hide, be ashamed, we should not be oblivious and apathetic. This painting has been published in several art magazines – Artqol, Inside Artist, Art reveal.

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