contemporary pop art
Oil on Canvas
140 x 140 cm x 0.2 cm (unframed)
Copyright The Artist

About the artwork

“First, we are young, lean, and proudly show the admiration of the seductive curves of our bodies. We like to show up half-naked on the beach, we are proud of our slim, nicely shaped, sporty figure. But we don’t even notice, and the years are relentlessly signing our figure. The posture of our body is no longer so upright and challenging, we should be a bit wobbly, we walk slower and more deliberately on the beach. But despite the fact that we have aged a few years, we can fully enjoy the beauty and joy of life. We don’t want to stop time, we want to enjoy every second of it …”

This painting was published in the prestigious art magazine Artqol (Issue 21)

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