Pop art
Oil on Canvas
180 x 150 cm x 0.2 cm (unframed)
Copyright The Artist

About the artwork

“Interpersonal relationships are often the most complex part of our being. We build on them, build them, try to develop and strengthen those we care about. Or, on the contrary, to weaken and end those that are not important to us … We will probably never get to the stage where we will feel 100% in this area, when we will be able to avoid mistakes and missteps. The mistakes that we make in our relationships with our loved ones, with those who are closest to us, have the most impact on us. With those with whom we go one way through the long stages of our lives. How many times have we literally torpedoed these relationships? How many times have we considered going out with a loved one? To break away, to flee, to build a fence that will separate us from them ….
Stay or leave? We ask this question many times. Many times we have doubts. In such moments, it is always to the benefit of things, if we stop, think calmly and realize that we have built a common paved road together during the time we spent together. Maybe it’s better to stay on it and walk on it than to start exploring new ones – maybe bumpy and crooked new paths …”

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