Laurent Impeduglia (*1974) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied painting. He is one of the members of the Mycose collective, which had its heyday in Belgium and France at the end of the 90’s, beginning of the 2000s with a large production of fanzines and mini comic strips. His explosive artistic approaches have gradually enabled him to assert himself as a painter of international stature. Fascinated by the cults that found our society, Laurent Impeduglia incessantly alludes to many mythologists, heroisations and Catholic iconographies at the heart of his paintings. Industrial manufacturing, commodity fetishism, power and pop culture also constitute the essence of his artistic vocabulary. It is thanks to these popular representations that the artist can paint the portrait of a society that is definitely devoid of meaning. The wild chaos strongly evoked on the canvas bears witness to its decline. The artist’s desire to find himself in a perpetual combat position against our civilization pushes him to reproduce its symbols on purpose. They find themselves simultaneously confronted with a divine destruction, which gives Laurent Impeduglia’s productions their incredible strength.

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